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4 Best Exercises to start in the First Two Weeks After an Ankle Sprain

Summer is finally here, making it the perfect time to play, strengthen, and sweat! One of the most common injuries I see in my clinic is an ankle sprain, which is fortunately one of the easiest injuries to recover from.

Understanding Ankle Sprain Grades:

Grade 1: Slight stretching or a very small tear in the ligament fibers.

Grade 2: Partial tear of the ligament.

Grade 3: Complete tear of the ligament.

Even with a complete ligament tear, most cases fully recover with a course of physiotherapy treatment.

Most ankle sprains are mild (Grade 1-2) and often heal on their own. However, I frequently see patients three or four months post-sprain who still struggle with pain and limitations.

That's why I've written this article to share my go-to exercises for the first week after a sprain.

Exercises and Tips

1. Ice Your Ankle

- Swelling can range from mild to severe. Ice helps control swelling and accelerate recovery.

- Apply ice for a maximum of 10 minutes, 2-4 times a day.

2. Range of Motion Exercises

- Move your foot in different directions to ensure it moves the same as your other leg.

- Perform movements inward, outward, and through pointing and flexing.

3. Knee-to-Wall Exercise

- Find the farthest point from the wall where you can touch it with your knee while keeping your heel on the floor.

- Compare the range between your injured and non-injured foot. There may be a range limitation and pain in the injured foot.

- Gradually stretch until you achieve equal distance on both feet.

4. Heel Raises

- Once the swelling has decreased and walking improves, practice heel raises.

- Start with both legs and progress to one leg.

If you cannot put any weight on your injured foot, seek medical help immediately. If you've followed these tips and still struggle, feel free to contact me for further advice and treatment. Einav

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